Freitag, 2. November 2012

Better Results in B2B with Strengthening Measures in Sales

Plants survive without fertilization, but the results are usually less than expected. Success-proven strengthening measures in personal sales lead immediately to better results. They are very cost-effective, since the Return on Investment is severalfold higher than the investment in the first year already.

To achieve increased sales and profits, we recommend the following practical measures for effective personal selling:

Effective Strengthening Measures in Personal Sales

1. Optimization of sales aids

2. Training of successful sales talks and successful use of sales aids

3.  Monitoring of the implementation of "2" in double calls

4. Exchange on  experiences "What has been achieved and where there is a need for further optimization".

Our experts recommend these strengthening measures because of their cost efficiency and based on the experts positive experiences in all 4 points (when they had acted as "external support").

In the german speaking regions the following success-prove workshops may be recommended (company workshops throughout the DACH region, workshops for salesmen in Switzerland): 

Those who want to take advantage of market opportunities and gain market share, should implement all 4 recommended measures.

Those who want to wait, risk being replaced by a more promising manager sooner or later.

Looking forward to your comments, I wish you good luck,

Emil Heinrich

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  1. From a human ressource point of view, it is important to improve and train the skills of salesmen.