Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

Key Success Factors in Marketing Communication 2013

Summarising last years B2B experience, we recommend to continuously strengthen the following success-proven strategies and activities in the german-speaking area:

2. Intensify the direct markekting (with regular high quality eMails containing convincing customer benefits right from the beginning)

3. Optimize quality, cost-efficiency and increased output of the online public relation and media informations

4. Increase the impact of the advertising (within the given budget)

5. Build up a market-leading social media presence with business pages and communities/groups for the company/organisation and for the unique benefits offered (Landing pages, Interest communities)

6. Optimize and update your www.homepage

7. Achieve in search engines better positions and more front page positions with SEO through SEO-relevant tools and contents within the above points 2 to 6.

For best results, we recommend to additionally get external success know how and competent external support.

Competent external specialists will show you, that it is quite easy to find and implement the success relevant chances for improving the communication within the given budget.

Best wishes for prosperous 2013.

Emil Heinrich

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